Regenerative burner combustion system


The regenerative high-speed temperature-regulating self-control burner, burner controller, air flue gas reversing valve, ignition system, automatic solenoid valve, etc., constitute an automatic control combustion system. This new type of combustion system has the characteristics of high outlet speed (80-100m / s), full combustion, more significant energy saving effect (about 15-30% energy saving than high-speed pulse burner combustion system), and low NOx product. Due to the higher flame outlet speed, the circulation and convection of the gas in the furnace are strengthened, the uniformity of the furnace temperature and the thermal efficiency are improved, thereby improving the heating quality and shortening the heating time. Regenerative high-speed thermostat automatic control burner system can realize automatic control of the entire process of ignition, combustion capacity adjustment, flameout alarm, automatic protection and re-ignition. Provide technical guarantee for reducing energy consumption and saving energy.